Surprising Reasons You Should Be Supplementing with Organifi’s Shanais Pelka

Evolve Podcast Episode 8

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It’s no secret that I frequently tout the benefits of supplementing with my patients. And whenever the topic comes up, the first thing newbies ask is always the same: “Do I really need to take supplements if I eat a healthy diet?”

In many cases, the answer is yes. For this reason, I was excited to interview Organifi formulator Shanais Pelka for the Evolve Wellness Experience podcast. She talks about how she came to understand the benefits of supplements, and shared with me several important reasons for supplementing, as well as several different formula options.

Discovering the Healing Power of Juices

Pelka’s story begins when she went to college with the plan of advancing to medical school. When she became pregnant, she put her plans on hold, but never gave up on her dream of working in the health field. Several years later, she was a mom to three kids and studying to be a nutritionist when she developed a respiratory infection and her doctor prescribed antibiotics. After starting this treatment, she developed a platelet disorder that left her at risk of severe bleeding.

Steroid treatments for this autoimmune condition only worked temporarily, and left her with side effects including adrenal failure. Because the standard treatments weren’t working well for her, Pelka began researching alternative treatments, and ultimately found relief through a combination of herbs and supplements. After improving her platelet count, she also put together a formula to support her adrenal health, which helped reduce her symptoms like panic attacks and exhaustion.

After running a nutrition bar company and living in Costa Rica for a year, Pelka was ready for new challenges and was excited to join Organifi. She tells us her top 2 reasons to consider supplementing today:

Even Healthy Food Has Limitations

“Buying organic, whole foods is great,” says Pelka. “But the problem is that our soil isn’t what it used to be. There are a lot of minerals and other nutrients missing today that were in our soil a hundred years ago. That’s a really important reason to supplement.”

Supplements: An Answer to Reducing Stress!

“Another reason to supplement is because of the levels of stress we’re all under today,” Pelka continued. “Humans were designed to have a fight or flight response, a raise in cortisol, to help us survive in emergencies, like being chased by a predator. The problem is that we, as Americans, are going through chronic stress every day, many times a day. Sometimes we’re stressed all day long! It can be anything from traffic jams to environmental or chemical stress, or staying up all night with a crying child. Trying to deal with stress using caffeine can actually make this worse!”

“Cortisol is necessary, you need to have enough,” she added. “But when we have chronically elevated levels of cortisol, that can be damaging. Another problem is having exhausted your cortisol levels from chronic stress. Both those situations can cause health difficulties, and supplementing to improve and balance your adrenal function can help.”

What Kind of Supplements Should YOU Try?

This depends on many factors, and we recommend products, including Organifi formulas, to our patients based on their personal health issues and goals. However, Pelka shared some general benefits of several popular Organifi formulas.

Green Juice

This one is great for people like me who aren’t huge fans of veggies. In addition to the green vegetables, this formula has moringa, which is nature’s perfect multivitamin. It also has matcha, chlorella, and spirulina. But what really sets it apart is its clinical dose of ashwagandha, which really helps to balance your cortisol levels, and helps promote a healthy response to stress. This may also help reduce food cravings.”

Gold Formula

“There’s nothing better than sitting down at the end of a long day with a hot cup in your hands. This product has a 4-1 extract of turmeric. That means for every four pounds of turmeric, you get one pound of extract. It’s really strong turmeric, but you also get ginger and reishi mushroom, which is the most studied mushroom for rest and relaxation. We also use lemon balm, which is known as ‘the calming herb.’ It assists with your response to stress, and can help you relax so you can get a good night’s sleep.”

Critical Immune

“These ingredients help you take a little extra care of your immune system. This is a powerful formula that has andrographis, astragalus, olive leaf, and elderberry. Andrographis is my favorite, known as the ‘king of bitters.’ It can help boost the immune system so it can handle colds, flus, and bacterial infections. Olive leaf has important components that help keep the body healthy, and is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Elderberry is one of the world’s most healing herbs. This formula is easy to take, with just two capsules giving you an effective dose of every herb.

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As always, if you have questions about your health or what supplements are right for you, please book your first consultation with Premier Wellness Centers today.


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