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Offering World Class Chiropractic Care, Wellness Services, and Facilities

Our mission is to redefine chiropractic care and therapeutic services by focusing on intensive and multi-modal therapies and approaches to whole-body wellness, delivered in our state-of-the-art high end facilities. It’s undeniable: nowhere else on the Treasure Coast will you find a facility, a team, and an integrative approach to care like us.

We are dedicated to providing a world-class wellness experience, whether you are seeking chiropractic care, elective physical therapy, the latest in skin and neurological therapies, massage, or injury rehabilitation, all offered at a reasonable price point with flexible payment plan options.

Why Choose Premier Wellness Centers As Your Health and Wellness Clinic?

Founded by Dr. Bill Jensen in 2008, Premier Wellness Centers stands alone in comparison with our neighboring chiropractic and physical therapy competitors throughout Port St. Lucie. What makes us different?

  • Our facilities truly are designed to deliver a world-class experience unlike any other at an affordable, attainable cost or payment plan
  • Our team is highly skilled and uniquely trained in delivering lasting therapeutic care, many of whom hold advanced degrees and education in their fields
  • By providing a whole-body approach to diagnostics for chiropractic care, we focus entirely on identifying the source of pain using X-rays and other diagnostic equipment
  • Your prescribed care plan is uniquely tailored to your individual goals, whether it be post-surgical PT, injury rehab recovery, or overall improved wellness
  • Led by a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), our PT team provides undivided 1:1 physical therapy attention, unlike any of our local competition
  • We invest in and utilize the latest in therapeutic technologies and equipment to the advantage of our highly capable clinical staff, and the long-term benefits for our patients and clients

Visiting Premier Wellness Centers for the First Time

On your initial visit, the first thing you’ll notice is our impeccably clean and modern facilities that are designed to feel less like a dingy chiropractor’s office and more like a 5-star hotel’s spa and fitness center. You’ll be greeted by a warm and friendly front-office staff who will treat you like the highly-esteemed client that you are.

Based on the care you are seeking, you will be ushered through a process that is highly organized and designed with your comfort and safety in mind. You choose your experience and level of care. We offer discounted initial examinations, x-rays, adjustments, massages, and more on your first visit.

Premier Wellness Centers is an integrative chiropractic, massage, and physical therapy care center staffed by a team of clinical professionals with advanced education and training working in tandem to diagnose, prescribe, and treat all manners of pain, discomfort, or elective post-surgical therapy that is wholly focused on producing the greatest possible result or outcome for out patients.


With two convenient locations serving all of Port St. Lucie, your world-class experience is never too far away. Our flagship Tradition facility offers our full range of services, including chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, post-surgical physical therapy, Joovv red light therapy, and NuCalm technologies. Our East facility on U.S. 1 focuses on personal injury chiropractic and rehabilitation care.

Se habla Español toda la ubicación.

Wellness is not a luxury.
It's a necessity.

  • Develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Repair soft tissues after an injury
  • Access a full range of therapeutic services & care