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Exam room in our office

Sometimes, new clients are a little uneasy about visiting a health & wellness clinic for the first time. At Premier Wellness Centers, you don’t need to be, because we created this virtual tour of our office so you know exactly what to expect!

We take an integrative approach to care, with clean, modern facilities and the latest in wellness technology, products, and therapies.

Integrative wellness is a strong part of how we provide a customized care plan for each patient. Everyone is different, with unique needs, and we recommend a combination of holistic therapies based on the results of your examination, as well as your history.

Our offices feature the latest in physical therapy equipment if we decide this is the right course for you. We also offer post-op physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and acupuncture at both facilities.

Based on the care you are seeking, you will be ushered through a process that is highly organized and designed with your comfort and safety in mind. You choose your experience and level of care. We offer discounted initial examinations, x-rays, adjustments, massages, and more on your first visit.

Integrative wellness means offering services that reduce stress, speed up recovery time, and help us regulate our natural body rhythms

Feeling stressed? Who isn’t these days? Some healthcare practitioners might just prescribe some medication, or tell you to “avoid stress.” Like anyone goes looking for it!

At PWC, we offer alternative therapies like NuCalm sessions, which use EM frequencies to activate your sympathetic nervous system. Over time, these sessions help to reduce your body’s stress response, so you can feel calmer, more peaceful, and more content.

Image of our NuCalm room
Our NuCalm room is optimized for focused rest and relaxation. Learn more about NuCalm here.

Additionally, there are many other aspects of staying well. Getting a good night’s sleep is important, and we offer several therapies for people who struggle with sleep issues, including Joovv red light therapy. Joovv has also been shown to be effective in helping muscles and joints recovery quicker after exercise, injury, or physical therapy.

Our Joovv room
Joovv red light therapy sessions help our bodies recover faster. Here’s a photo of our Joovv treatment room. Learn more about Joovv here.

Throughout your treatment, our wellness practitioners will track your progress, monitor how you’re doing, and make adjustments as needed. We don’t want to throw a prescription at you, or sell you the supplement of the month whether it addresses your needs or not, and then hustle you out the door.

We know that wellness is an ongoing journey, and we want to be there every step of the way. For that reason, we’re dedicated to getting to know each of our patients and providing the best quality, ongoing care for your needs.

What does holistic healing look like?

Sometimes, people are a little uneasy going to see a holistic wellness practitioner. They may have the idea that they’re going to an unprofessional setting, or that it may not be as clean or technologically updated as a conventional doctor’s office.

Fortunately, they quickly find out what our office is clean, medical-grade, and has the latest technology for optimal patient care. In fact, many people are impressed by the spa-like atmosphere of our offices in Tradition and East PSL. We make every effort to make the entire experience relaxing and rejuvenating, from the minute you step into the waiting room.

X-ray machine
A holistic approach to care doesn’t mean we don’t use technology to improve your quality of care. On the contrary: technology such as x-rays help us target the exact source of your pain so we can create a treatment plan that works, which is exactly the goal of holistic care.

To maintain wellness, we recommend you come in regularly to address issues we all deal with, such as stress management or sleep difficulties. Our massage therapy rooms are filled with the scents of relaxing essential oils.

Studies show that massages are effective for relieving mild to severe muscle and joint pain, and also help with injury recovery, and post-surgical or physical trauma care. All our masseuses are licensed, experienced, and stay up to date on the latest techniques to give you the most rejuvenating massage experience.


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