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Whole Body Wellness is maintained by caring for and ensuring a well-functioning nervous system. Your central nervous system is your body's "Master Control". When this essential bio-mechanism is interrupted, also known as subluxation, you'll feel pain, discomfort, aching, or, at worse, extreme lower back pain, persistent headaches, sciatica, disc herniation, or TMJ.

A well-functioning nervous system results in joints, bones, muscles and the receptors that connect them all being able to move freely. If your joints or muscles are restricted in any way for a period of more than ten days straight, your body will begin to take on the harmful effects of subluxation.

Stop Living in Pain, Start Living in Wellness

The Wellness Club is designed to allow you to achieve whole-body wellness by bundling our wellness services into one very affordable monthly price. Supplement your weekly routine, whether that be working, leisure, fitness, or long-term rehabilitation and recovery, by choosing a Wellness Club level that fits you and your goals.

The best part: if you experience an unusual increase in symptoms or pain, simply come to our centers as often as you need to. Our Wellness Clubs do not restrict your access to our services, but rather, opens up access.

How Our Wellness Club Works

  • Affordable monthly plans for individuals, children, and families
  • Discounted access to ALL our wellness programs and services
  • You choose the services and cost levels that work for you
  • Flexible payment plans and service add-ons
  • Enrollment fee includes discounted initial whole-body assessment, exam, and x-rays
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Our signature whole-body wellness services are provided to patients and clients in both our Port St. Lucie facilities. Click to learn more about each individual service area, including whole-body wellness benefits, wellness club memberships, and insurance information.


With our whole-body wellness services, you can expect to experience improvements in all areas of your life.

Flexibility & Endurance (1)

Improved Heart Health (5)

Boost Immunity (2)

Joint & Muscle Relief (4)

Improved Sleep (3)

Decreased Stress (12)

Build Strength (7)

Sharper Mental Focus (8)

Increased Circulation (11)

Increased Endorphins (9)

Boost Energy Levels (6)

Improved Digestion

Wellness is not a luxury.
It's a necessity.

  • Develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Repair soft tissues after an injury
  • Access a full range of therapeutic services & care