3 Surprising Benefits of NuCalm Therapy

NuCalm Stress Relief System

We recommend NuCalm therapy for many patients who are struggling with stress, anxiety, or difficulty sleeping. This patented system helps you to interrupt the stress response, so you can feel calmer, clearer, and more centered.

Some patients are surprised to learn that NuCalm offerers several apparent benefits. Read about them below!

Increased Levels of Energy

This comes as a shock to many patients we see, as they assume anything with a calming affect wouldn’t also be energizing. But it turns out that when your body feels stress, this process can be exhausting. Think about how you feel after a particularly hard day at work versus a day off that you spent relaxing. When you reduce your body’s stress response, you save some of that energy that could have been eaten up by anxiety and worry. You also sleep better at night. Both these things can help you feel more energetic and ready to take on your day.

Improved Focus and Concentration Throughout the Day

When you calm and quiet your mind, it’s easier to focus on the things that really matter to you, whether that means work, home, friends, family, or other interests. NuCalm’s process guides you through steps that not only reduce the stress response, but put your brain in a state very similar to that achieved by meditation. You can then figure out your biggest concerns and concentrate on them.

This is in sharp contrast of most medications people may take for anxiety or stress relief, which can be sedating or cause brain fog. With NuCalm, not only can you still think clearly, you may actually find you can think more clearly.

Pain Reduction in Key Problems Areas

People don’t necessarily think of NuCalm when they need pain relief. They’re more likely to consider therapies like chiropractic care, physical therapy, or massage therapy, and these are, in fact, great for pain relief. But NuCalm can also help provide additional pain reduction, working in conjunction with one or several of these other treatments.

Nothing makes pain worse faster than the stress response, so by reducing it, you can also start feeling better faster. Stress can also slow the healing process, meaning an injury or acute problem may leave you in pain even longer. By short circuiting this response, NuCalm gets you on the road to recovery sooner.

Interested in trying a NuCalm session to see if it’s right for you? We offer a FREE trial of NuCalm when you book your first visit with PWC! Click the button below to learn more!



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