Premier Wellness Centers is the Treasure Coast's #1 Integrative Wellness Practice, Offering Personalized Chiropractic, Post-Op Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Personal Injury Recovery, Red Light Therapy, NuCalm Stress Reduction Therapy, and Affordable Wellness Club Packages.


Whether you are suffering from a personal injury, such as a car accident or slip & fall, or seeking post-op physical therapy, our integrative, whole-body wellness approach to care will put you on the road to recovery. We accept insurance, and our monthly Wellness Club packages are affordable, convenient, and available to the whole family.


Bask in the luxury and comfort you deserve. Our 5-star facilities, located in Tradition and on US1 in Port St. Lucie, are clean, modern, and best of all, accessible for the whole family. See photos and read our reviews before you visit!


What sets Premier Wellness Centers apart? Our world-class facilities, our wide array of wellness services, and of course, our extraordinary team of dedicated wellness professionals. Led by Dr. Bill Jensen, our staff of chiropractors, physical therapy assistants, massage therapists, and acupuncturists give individualized attention & care.

EVOLVE Wellness Experience

At Premier Wellness Centers, our philosophy of whole-body wellness goes beyond your sessions at our office, and into your daily routine. Stay informed on the latest science, skills, & techniques for creating and sustaining good habits that leave lasting health benefits with EVOLVE Wellness Experience podcast, blog, videos, and newsletter by Dr. Bill.

Evolve Experience Podcast Episode #2

Better Sleep: Why It’s So Important, and How You Can Achieve It

October 5, 2020

The modern world makes good sleep difficult to achieve, but Dr. Bill has some great tips to help you get better rest every night.

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Evolve Podcast with Dr. Bill Jensen Background Image

3 Essential Daily Practices to Boost Immunity During Covid19

July 26, 2020

Dr. Bill Jensen discusses his 3 most important essential daily practices for building and maintaining a healthy immune system during the Covid19 outbreak.

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